A few things to think about before hiring a Removal company/man with a van

“Are you legal to do removals”?
There’s a question. This will have the illegal’s stuttering when you ask. Some may genuinely not know that you need the correct insurances to work as a man with a van and/or a removal company, but this doesn’t help you when they are pulled over on the road for a spot check and you belongings impounded along with the van, ignorance is no defence.
The legal ones will know about them and will have them.

If you have very little overheads then you can afford to do the job a lot cheaper. Overheads are things like the correct insurances, e.g. Van insurance, for hire and reward, public liability insurance, goods in transit, AA cover etc. When you ask for a quote these things are priced in, if someone can quote the same job a lot cheaper, chances are they haven’t got those overheads, aren’t legal, or they have quoted wrong, or they will drop your job if a better paying one comes in.

Bigger is not always better!
For example, is there room to park the van outside your house/apartment? Will your neighbours complain/have you even told them? Will the van fit under any obstacles? Such as, Low branches or Archways? You need to get a van to suit your circumstances. If you are tight for space outside, then maybe 2 Luton vans are better than 1 big removal van, or even the long wheel base high top Citroen relay. Pictures of these vans are on the website.

“Do you want 1 man or 2”?
What you have to remember, when moving home, is removal men move things for a living everyday of the week. 1 removal man will have the ability to move items, with help from a person supplied by you, if your helper turns up on the day that is? This is the cheaper option but may be a false economy. 2 removal men, that work together every day, will move things, especially large objects, a lot quicker and easier. It may sound more expensive when quoting but, in practice, should save you time which in turn saves you money and energy.

“Do you do rubbish removals”?
Easy answer should be, “No we only do excellent removals”. Anybody that uses the same vans to do waste removal as they do household removal should be avoided, do you really want to put your mattress in a van that has had mud, oil, petrol, building materials etc in it? I hope the answer is NO. Some people do all sort of jobs in there vans. There are even builders who do removals whilst they are rained off, or are between jobs, beware.